Wednesday, October 5, 2016

John 15:18-27

John 15:18-27
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 It's always interesting when the Hugo Chavez's of the world have their people living in poverty while they are abounding in wealth and comfort.  It's easy to make proclamations when the results of such words won't touch your life at all.  I've got all sorts of advice for other people, but when it comes to issuing advice that will actually touch my life, I think twice about what I have to say.
  That's what makes Jesus such an amazing leader.  He didn't ask people to do what he wasn't going to do.  When he warned them of suffering that was to come, he was going to endure it first.  In fact, the very worst things that would happen would happen only to him.  He didn't pass the buck on anything -- in fact, the most terrible things (the consequences of human sin) he shielded his followers from suffering by taking it solely upon himself.
  In summary, Jesus sacrifices himself to make it better for us.  He doesn't ask anything of you that he isn't prepared to do himself, or that he hasn't undergone.  Jesus understands, and he is willing to pay whatever price is necessary to buy back your freedom.

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