Thursday, October 6, 2016

John 16:1-7

John 16:1-7
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 Sometimes, I like to think about spending a week in Bora Bora.  If I'm honest, I'm not exactly sure where in the south Pacific it is, but I've seen enough pictures to tell me that I'd like to spend some time there.  It would be hard to leave, though.  You spend a week on some of the most beautiful beaches ever, and then at the end of it they (and your credit card company, who is going to want you to go back to work to pay for that) drag you back onto an airplane to go back to reality.
  Imagine what it's like spending 3 years with Jesus Christ, son of the Most High God, and then one day he leaves.  It'd be devastating, right?  You've spent 3 years with the One who could describe what it was like before creation, with someone who can raise the dead and produce endless amounts of bread, and then he leaves you.  How do you fill that hole?
  Many of us try to fill that Christ-sized hole with distractions in life, through our work or a hobby or an addiction or relationships.  We use all sorts of things, because we don't recognize that only the Holy Spirit can fill that void, revealing to us the love and presence of God that makes our life work.  Only God can fill that desire for a relationship with the Almighty, and so we receive the Holy Spirit and pray for his guidance and love.

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