Wednesday, October 19, 2016

John 18:1-6

John 18:1-6
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 So the crowd, the ones with torches, lanterns and weapons, shows up and says they are looking for Jesus.  If I'm Jesus, I'm pointing in the other direction, saying "He just went that way."  It's dark, they'd never notice, right?  I'd totally be smirking as they stormed off in search of him.
  Instead, Jesus proclaims loudly who he is, even in the face of violent opposition.  He has NO fear, because he knows the outcome.  He trusts completely in the Father's ability to lead him through the valley of the shadow of death and into life on the other side.  He knows the world cannot harm him, and so he confronts the world's power, determined to display that true power doesn't come armed with clubs and weapons, but rather is rooted in selfless love.  God's love is infinitely powerful, beyond what weapons can hold, and Jesus roots himself in this.  He has no reason to fear because true life extends far beyond what the world can threaten.  This is why Jesus tells us not to be afraid of violence, because he knows that we are safe in the Father's arms, no matter what.
  So take shelter and comfort in the Father's arms.  His love is abundant enough to keep you safe, free from true harm, and even though we may die, in Christ we shall live!

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