Wednesday, October 12, 2016

John 17:1-5

John 17:1-5
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 If we're being honest, and I'm not afraid to be, the concept of eternity blows my mind.  I try to wrap my mind around the fact that the earth is over 6 billion years old and that I will be alive for 80-100 of those years.  I think about the earth spinning on through space without me, and I shrink back in uncertainty, in fear.  I try and grasp my smallness, and it overwhelms me.  Eternity, life without end, is beyond what I can even begin to contemplate.
  And yet, Jesus defines it so gently, so clearly -- to know God is to touch eternity.  To know Christ is to begin to dwell in the reality of eternal life.  We don't have to grasp the timeline of God -- we simply have to dwell in his presence, and we get a taste of eternal life.  Eternity isn't about time or the lack thereof, it's about a relationship, about a person, about God.
  The more time you spend with God, the closer you draw to eternity.  The more effort you expend building a relationship with God, the more you begin to live in the eternal here and now.  It's a choice we all get to make, each and every day.  How will you lead your heart?

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