Tuesday, October 25, 2016

John 18:25-27

John 18:25-27
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 "Peter!"  We want to shout.  "Peter -- what are you doing?  You've denied Jesus once!  Don't do it again!"  We wonder at Peter's audacity to deny his Lord and Savior not once, but three times, when Jesus told him that this is exactly what he would do, and he does it anyway.  We wonder at how he could do such a thing...
  And then we go and do it ourselves, right?  We deny Christ when we sin, whether in our actions or our inactions.  We deny Jesus when we ignore the hurting and sorrowful and mourning.  We deny Jesus when we choose our own selfish actions rather than selflessness.  We deny Jesus when we choose not to risk the demands of love and instead opt for a safer path.  We deny Jesus in many ways, day after day.
  Peter denies Jesus three times this night, and he is sorrowful when he recognizes his sin.  It is even more sorrowful when we deny Jesus and fail to recognize our sin.  May we repent and be grateful for mercy.

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