Thursday, October 13, 2016

John 17:6-12

John 17:6-12
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 How would you feel if you discovered that your pastor prayed for you every day, by name?  What if you learned that the Pope prayed for you by name every day?  I imagine you would be honored, touched, and probably a bit more motivated to live with the holiness of God foremost in your mind.
  Well, here we have Jesus Christ, the Son of God, telling God that he is praying for his disciples.  What this means is that the Word made flesh, God with Us, lifts you up in prayer.  Jesus remembers you, and he has lived with the goal of bringing you into his kingdom.  He loves you, and he is seeking you.
  So when you are downhearted and dispirited and distracted, remember that the One who hung on the cross for the sake of the world loves you enough to pray for you, that you may feel the love and presence of God.

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