Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2 John 1:4-13

2 John 4-13
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 What does love mean to you?  If I told you to love someone, what would you do?  If you wanted to fall in love with someone, how would you act?  It would change your behavior, right?
  You are infinitely loved, more than you can ask or imagine.  I think one day, when we fall before the face of God in worship, we will suddenly realize how vastly we underestimated the love of God while we were alive.  I don't think our minds can fathom it, and I don't think we invest heavily enough in trying to grasp and communicate how deep and how wide and how great God's love is.  The reality of his unconditional love should change us.  It should settle into our hearts and unsettle all the other loves that compete for our hearts.  We should be repulsed at the false gods that pull us from his love, and we should despise the lies that focus on on competing interests that downplay the centrality of Christ's love.
  There is always more to say about God's love -- we can never reach the end.  My prayer for you is that you know the reality of Christ's love and that it is constantly leading you into the deeper waters of discipleship, so that we might lead one another into more faithful discipleship.

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