Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Isaiah 54:9-17

Isaiah 54:9-17
English Standard Version (ESV) 

 Did you ever get so mad that you just didn't want to talk to someone for a while?  Maybe you couldn't even stand to see them -- you just needed to be far away from them.  So you left your distance, and after a while time healed those wounds, although you still needed some soothing before the relationship could be repaired.
  We've given God every reason to be mad at us, to flee from us and never come back... and yet God rushes back to us, time after time, to offer us healing and peace.  God's steadfast love is eternal, and we cannot flee from it -- when we reject it, it pursues us still, to the ends of the earth and beyond.
  So revel in the peace of God, but also ponder how you can reflect this in your life.  Do you love like this?  I tend to keep score, to store up the little hurts I get over the years.  God forgives, once and again and again.  I pray to be the kind of person with a gentle soul that is willing to extend grace in every circumstance.

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