Friday, December 16, 2016

Isaiah 53:7-12

Isaiah 53:7-12
English Standard Version (ESV)

    I have such a narrow view of things in the world.  When I read the news, I usually skim over the things that don't apply to me.  Whenever new information is presented, I'm trying to determine how it effects me, what change it will have on my life.  My mind is constantly racing to put me in the middle of everything.
  And so when I look at what Christ has done on the cross, there's a part of me that naturally makes it all about what Christ has done for me.  Sadly, I forget that it doesn't end there -- while Christ has done amazing things for me, he has also absorbed the sin of all of humanity as well, making it possible for us all to be redeemed, to live in peace with God.  It's not just my sins that found atonement on Calvary -- it's the sin of all of humanity, for all of time, that fell weighty upon his back, that pierced his hands and feet and side, that rolled the stone before the tomb and thought the story was over.
  And so it's about me, but it's not just about me.  It's our collective story, one narrative about a God who loves his people and is willing to give anything to save us from our own sin.  I am part of a much bigger whole.

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