Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Isaiah 55:5-11

Isaiah 55:5-11
English Standard Version (ESV)

 If someone wrongs me over and over again, eventually I'm going to grow tired of this and stop spending time around this person, stop trusting them, stop giving them second chances.  Eventually, I'll grow weary of their trespasses and cut them out of my life.
  God, however, has ways different than our own.  He is ready to abundantly pardon, and he is to allow our faithlessness to deny his purpose forever.  While our sin may separate us from God, God pursues us with such a love as to close the gap between us through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ.  His Word goes out into the world, and the Word returns, having accomplished his intent -- the gathering of his people back into his grace.  God has not grown weary of forgiving us -- but pours out forgiveness and grace, year after year, so that we might recognize that true refreshment, true satisfaction, comes from him alone.
  His thoughts are not our thoughts, his ways are not our ways - and we should rejoice for this, for we cannot grasp the depth of his riches of his love.  We have a wondrous Savior, come to us, Emmanuel.  May we worship and rejoice at the continual forgiveness that gushes forth from the throne of grace.

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