Thursday, December 22, 2016

Isaiah 55:1-4

Isaiah 55:1-4
English Standard Version (ESV)

 This is the message of Christmas -- we who have not labored are given the greatest reward.  We work so hard to obtain riches, not realizing that they cannot buy the things our souls truly want -- instead we fill our appetites with that which does not satisfy, all the while God is inviting us to come and participate in his economy, one that does not cost us what we do not have -- we come and buy on his terms, where the richest foods and the best treasures are free.  This is what our souls are longing for.  This is what our appetites point us to, but we settle for less, because we convince ourselves that these are what will buy our peace, when true peace has been bought through the blood of the lamb.
  Our Father loves us, and he invites us to listen to a greater truth, one that says that you are infinitely loved and defined by the grace and peace of Jesus.  When this peace rules in our hearts, then (and only then) will we find the ultimate rest that exists in Jesus Christ.

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