Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Isaiah 54:4-8

Isaiah 54:4-8 
English Standard Version

  Sometimes, our kids can be less than angels.  They might hit each other, or just be selfish or stubborn or obstinate.  It's frustrating, and there are times when Rachel and I are probably less than patient and gracious parents.  However, though there are times when it is harder to love them than other times, we continue to love them through it, and there are more moments of love and delight than there are of discipline.
  God's love is amazing.  Our sin and selfishness certainly angers God -- it is our rejection of him in favor of another.  However, that sin is poured out upon Christ, and in return we receive eternal favor in God.  His anger has passed, and now his love and delight are born anew each morning.
  So live not in fear of your past, in worry of God's anger.  Live rather in the delight of your eternal Father whose anger has passed and whose love now runs over.

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