Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hebrews 6:13-20

Hebrews 6:13-20 
English Standard Version (ESV) 

  We know the promises of God -- they're written throughout Scripture, and the promises Jesus makes for us about going ahead of us and preparing a place for us and always being with us and not allowing anything to separate us from his love, these promises are foundational.  As the writer of Hebrews says, they are anchors for us.  In turbulent and uncertain times, they prevent us from being destroyed on the rocks.  
  Now, an anchor doesn't prevent you from experiencing the tossing of the waves.  Anchors don't keep ships stationary  in a storm -- anchors allow boats to sway with the wind and to bounce with the motion of the sea.  We will still experience trouble in life.  Anchors prevent us from going too far, from straying too close to danger.  But as the currents shift and swirl, anchors allow movement and freedom, tethering us to a spot that keeps the rocks at bay.  So just because we experience grief and stress doesn't mean the anchor has let go.  The promises of God are still certain and reliable and trustworthy.  God is still on the throne, still in control, still holding you in the palm of his hand.

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