Thursday, May 7, 2020

Psalm 139:17-22

Psalm 139:17-22 
English Standard Version (ESV)

 Most things reduce in importance as you zoom out.  That scratch on the car door?  As you back up from the car, you can barely notice it eventually.  That mistake you made in high school?  As you zoom out in time, and it gets farther away, it becomes less and less important.  The money you spent on something frivolous?  As you compare it to all the money you spend over months and years, it becomes less impactful.
  However, when you think about individual people, it doesn't translate to how God views us.  Augustine tells us that God loves us as if there was only one to love.  When you zoom out from one person to one million people to seven billion people, each of us is still uniquely known and loved by God.  God's love doesn't shrink as you zoom out -- it remains as large as can be.  As God's thoughts are as vast as the universe, God is still able to concentrate such love upon you. 

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