Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Isaiah 59:14-21

Isaiah 59:14-21
English Standard Version (ESV)

  If you're standing on the east coast at the first hint of sunrise, you see a glimmer of light begin to illumine the world as you stand in darkness.  You know what is coming, and you marvel as the glory of a new day unfolds across the sky.  At first, however, it was only a hint of what was still to come.  While you are watching this, someone on the West Coast is still shrouded in darkness, and they will not see the sunrise for hours.  To describe it is challenging, but perhaps your joy and hope and certainty of a new day could be communicated in some small way.
  In the same way, we know the glory of the Lord is coming, rising as certain as the sun, soon to shine over all the world.  We know that from east to the west, his glory will illumine the world, and all will see that he, and he alone, is the King forever.
  We who have seen the first glimpses of this, we who know the good news that is on the horizon, are then sent into the world to share the story.  The helmet of salvation has been granted to us to charge into the world, aware of the threats but clinging to the Savior, and letting radiant hope tell the story of a Redeemer who lives and who loves and who is coming back for us.

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