Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Isaiah 60:19-22

Isaiah 60:19-22
English Standard Version (ESV)

    I think the image of God being our glory is made even more powerful by what is missing from the picture -- there is no more night.  There is no more darkness, only light.  No more sitting in bed at 3 am and worrying -- only hope.  There is no more despair -- only joy.  No more weeping -- only laughter.  No more long nights where you stare at the clock and simply wait for the morning -- no, God removes that sorrowful wait, those anxious hours, and replaces them with laughter and joy.  We who sat in the darkness will forever see a great light, and the glory of the Lord that shines from everlasting to everlasting will encompass us, embrace us, and hold us forever.

  This is our hope.  This is our joy. No more night.  May we tell the world, and show all of God's light.

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