Thursday, January 12, 2017

Isaiah 60:4-7

Isaiah 60:4-7
English Standard Version (ESV)

  What makes your heart thrill and exult?  What can you glimpse that will make you radiant?
  I think we're often left looking for external stimuli, things in this world that will delight us and transform our lives.  To that end, we often go in search of experiences, looking for food or companionship or notoriety that will offer us satisfaction.
  What God promises, through the prophet Isaiah, is a different level of satisfaction, one that is buried deep within us and bubbles up like a spring due to the working of the Holy Spirit.  It is a hope, a deep trust in God that the world will one day be gathered up into God's eternal arms.  All that is broken will be set right.  All that is torn apart will be mended.  He who has a mighty arm to save will reach down and gather up those who submit to his Lordship.  The world's treasures shall proclaim his name, and our hearts will join in the song.  In that moment, we will realize why the world's pleasures couldn't satisfy the hunger deep within us -- only God can do that, and the hope we have that we shall one day stand before the throne of grace and sing with all that we are.

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