Monday, January 16, 2017

Isaiah 60:15-18

Isaiah 60:15-18
English Standard Version (ESV)

  It's interesting to think about where our hope rests.  We see a lot of this with politicians -- they try and convince us to place their hope in them, assuring us that they can deliver us from and through various obstacles that face us as a country, as individuals.  What we discover is that all politicians are ultimately unable to make good on each of their promises, because the system they work within is filled with broken and selfish people.  They can help some, but cannot give us all that we need.
  God, however, exists outside of time and space.  The limitations that bind us do not bind him.  Our human minds cannot comprehend the limitless sphere in which God eternally exists.
  God also exists outside of our sinfulness.  He is not tainted by it, not corrupted by it, so he can deliver us from out of it.  Since we cannot ascend to the place where he is, God enters into our sinful world, into our broken systems, into our corruption, and somehow is not tainted by it, but takes it all upon himself so that we might not be doomed by it.  As a result, God can issue the promises we find in Isaiah, promises that exist beyond our heartbreak and into 'a joy from age to age.'

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