Friday, January 27, 2017

Isaiah 63:15-19

Isaiah 63:15-19
English Standard Version (ESV) 

  It's really hard to allow our children to face the consequences of their bad decisions.  So often, the temptation is to step in and save them from their choices.  It's rough to see them making a choice and know that I could prevent it, but I also recognize that if I always save them from their choices, they won't learn how to make good choices.  They'll think their bad choices have no negatives effects.
  God acts in the same way.  When we choose sin, he allows us to experience some of the negative consequences of this.  The brokenness that is evident in the world around us is evidence that human sin has negative consequences.  We selfishly choose to honor ourselves before God and others, and the whole community suffers because of it.  God allows this to unfold because the hope is that we learn in the small lessons, and thus when the bigger tests come, we'll know better.  God allows us to experience the negative effects of sin in the hopes that we will recognize how poor a choice it is and that we will choose faithfulness instead.  As we mature, we should focus on the righteousness of God more and more, knowing that sin leads to death, and that selflessly choosing to honor God is the road that leads to life.

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