Monday, January 23, 2017

Isaiah 62:6-12

Isaiah 62:6-12
English Standard Version (ESV)

  So often we proclaim things that we wish were true.  We say things with a spirit of hope, and sometimes we are fooling ourselves into believing something is true.  Other times we are convincing ourselves, talking up a future -- so often the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
  When the Lord proclaims something, however, it is always true.  It is true when it is proclaimed, and it is always true.  The Lord's words bring hope because of the truth within them.
  And so when the Lord has proclaimed you free of sin, it is true.  It is not an idle hope -- it is the truth, and it will always be so.  You have been forgiven, set free, by the proclamation of the Lord, by his free grace.  You are free, and you are saved, and you are loved.

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