Monday, February 20, 2017

Acts 1:15-26

Acts 1:15-26
English Standard Version (ESV) 

  So many organizations lose their way after the founder departs.  They become so wrapped up in the identity of the founder that they simply don't know the next step.  Steve Jobs and Apple is the obvious example -- the company could not make a path forward without him.
  When Jesus ascended into heaven, one could imagine the challenges the first century community would face.
  But Jesus didn't leave -- he sent his Holy Spirit to be with the church, to encourage and empower them.  He continued to lead them as when he had been present on earth.  He continued to raise up leaders to teach and proclaim the Good News.  He does so today, calling people everywhere to lead his church, continuing to send his Spirit to empower, that the church may be a light in a dark world, shining hope and love into the darkest corners of modern life.
  So even though one of the original members of the New Testament church turned his back on his colleagues and betrayed the leader to the point of death, the church moves forward, because nothing can stop it, and it is the bride of Christ, destined to shine forever with the light of God's love.

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