Thursday, February 9, 2017

Isaiah 66:5-6

Isaiah 66:5-6
English Standard Version (ESV)

  For as long as people are willing to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, there will be others who doubt his Lordship, who mock those who follow his way of selfless love, who call for the Christians to prove their faith, waiting for God to do something dramatic to prove that there is a God.
  For Christians, this can be hard, as we patiently endure the slings and arrows, hoping that God will do something, will act in some way, to prove our faith.  We trust that the sound of the Lord will be deafening in its coming, but we don't know when the coming will be.
  And so we wait, and while we wait we faithfully serve God, and we love our enemies.  It's easy to ignore our enemies, to hope they go away and leave us alone.  It's a much harder thing to love them, to wish them well and to be willing to sacrifice for them.  I struggle with the thought, much less the reality of it.  It's hard to love a lot of people, and nearly impossible to love our enemies, but in doing so we put on Christ and demonstrate selflessness, showing others how amazing the love of God is.

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