Thursday, February 16, 2017

Acts 1:6-11

Acts 1:6-11
English Standard Version (ESV)

    And here is the mystery of faith, all wrapped up in one beautiful scene.  First, Jesus gathers us together around himself, but the disciples aren't certain exactly what the plan is.  So Jesus starts by telling them that they aren't going to know and understand all of it -- that's not their place.  While full knowledge is not for them, they do, however, have a mission -- to share the Good News.  And then Jesus departs, leaving us in a place of mystery, uncertainty and wonder, while the angels remind us that there is much for us to, but it all depends on and centers around him.
  This is the disciples' experience of the Ascension, and this is our life today.  We don't have full knowledge, but we know enough to go forth and fulfill our mission, spreading the Good News.  We aren't to simply stand and stare into heave, but we are to go forth and tell people to gather around Jesus -- we don't understand it all, but we know enough of the story to invite others to experience God's love.
  And it all centers around Christ.  Now and forever, it's all about Him.

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