Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Isaiah 65:21-25

Isaiah 65:21-25
English Standard Version (ESV)

  This is written for a people experiencing exile, a people who do not have a home, a people who temporarily move from place to place, always longing for home, knowing their true home is far away.  They do not know peace, and yet their hearts long for it.
  This is written for us, a people who are far from home, who live in a place that is not quite right, who do not experience peace, who are in the midst of chaos and noise, longing for peace and the satisfaction that only Christ can give.
  This is written for you, to remind you that God has greater things in store, that you may know that there is a future where you can sink down roots and grow like a tree, watered and sustained by God, where you will know peace and be set free by truth.  This is the future, where the things that clash will lie down together in peace.  This is the future, where violence will be ended and wholeness will reign.
  So our job, then, is to prepare for this future, and to do everything we can to live our lives today as though we are practicing for this future.  We are to place our complete trust in God, to live in peace with loved ones and enemies, to be confidant in the grace that sustains us and to rest in his amazing love.

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