Thursday, February 2, 2017

Isaiah 65:1-7

Isaiah 65:1-7
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Imagine that you're in high school, and every day you call your beloved to confess your undying love.  You send flowers every morning, and you compose a song in the afternoon to serenade your beloved.  You long for them to turn back and return your love, and yet you get nothing in return.  How long would you continue?  What would make you stop?  Would anything?
  The love of God is so much stronger than what we can imagine.  God reaches for us, time after time, opening the windows of heaven and pouring down blessings upon us.  He calls to us, pursues us, offers us forgiveness and grace, even though it is undeserved.  We are loved more than we know, more than our minds can grasp.  The very God of the universe sends his own Son to die for us.
  So often, God's love goes out and is not returned.  We get caught up in building our own temporary kingdoms, ignoring the permanent Kingdom of God, to which we have an invitation.  What is stopping you today from living as though that invitation were the most important thing on earth?  What prevents us from spending our days returning God's love, spreading God's love, making that our first priority?

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