Friday, February 24, 2017

Acts 2:22-28

Acts 2:22-28
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Do you realize who it is that loves you?  Jesus Christ was part of the definite plan of God, and death itself could not hold him, and yet he was willing to give up his life so that you might be redeemed from your sin!!  He was so powerful that death was overwhelmed by him, and this is the man who loves you mercifully, who forgives your sins and leads you into everlasting life as the shepherd leads his sheep into green pastures where abundance grows.
  David had moments where he understood this -- you can sense it in the Psalms, when he recognizes that the God who is so intimate is the same God who carves the mountains from the rocks.  The God who sits on high is the very God who rushes to our defense.
  We should be in constant awe of this God, of this relationship.  Our path of life is made possible because the stones have been laid by an infinite God whose greatest desire is to know us fully and be fully known by us.  This is the life that is truly life -- to be in relationship with Almighty God.

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