Monday, July 3, 2017

Acts 19:11-22

Acts 19:11-22
New International Version (NIV)

  If God was still active in this way, would you live differently?  If you heard a modern telling of aprons touched by disciples curing the sick, would you make different choices?  Spend more time in prayer?  If you heard of sorcerers voluntarily throwing away their manuscripts, might you offer up more of your own treasure to the service of God?
  It's tempting to tell ourselves that we're waiting on God, that we'll act when God makes it clear what we should do.  In doing so, however, we train our hearts in a certain way -- we train ourselves to always be waiting, never acting.  At a certain point, we stop looking for the evidence, and we tell ourselves that we're just waiting on God.
  God is already on the move.  In Jesus Christ, God reached out to you before you could even think to ask for a Savior.  God offered forgiveness before you realized you needed it.  God moved, and then our call is to respond.  If we simply wait for some definitive moment before pouring ourselves into the deep waters of discipleship, we train ourselves to passively wait and never to act.  So let us seek God first, actively pursuing his will for our lives, reaching out in love and service, trusting that God will guide us and reveal his will to us as we go.

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