Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Acts 22:1-5

Acts 22:1-5
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Humans have an amazing capacity for self-delusion.  Think about it -- we exist for a glimpse in the billions of years of history, and we live on a rocky outpost of a solar system that's one of many in our galaxy, which is one of how many galaxies in the universe.  We're pretty small, and yet manage to convince ourselves that we are in control, that we know what's going to happen from one  moment to the next.  We forget our position quite often.
  It's obviously important that we don't spend all of our time and thought thinking of how small we are, for if we did we'd be paralyzed by anxiety at the thought of it all, but it's also important to remember our position.  We exist by God's great grace, and it is only through his mercy and love that we are given the gift of life.  God calls us into existence, and our lives unfold through the will of God.  We have choices that impact our lives, but we cannot control the future.  It is in God's hands.  We convince ourselves that we are in charge, but we aren't.
  It's amazing to think of Paul, setting out for Jerusalem, thinking that he knew exactly how things would go, just as I set out for my day, thinking I will know how things will go.  Sometimes I am right.  Often times, I am reminded of how little I know and control.
  So we entrust ourselves to God, remembering that he is merciful and faithful and loving and kind, and because he has proven himself to be so, time and time again, we can rest easy, assured that we are held in his eternal love.

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