Monday, July 10, 2017

Acts 19:35-41

Acts 19:35-41
English Standard Version (ESV) 

  When we go out into the world, I think we find an important lesson here.  Paul didn't rush into Ephesus eager to tear down society, eager to condemn and berate the people for the way that they were living.  Paul instead showed up and tried to open the people's eyes to the presence of God that was already around them -- he didn't want them to turn their backs on everything they knew, rather to open their hearts to the presence of the Holy Spirit that was already calling out to them.
  When we rush in and condemn and tear down, people are defensive, rightfully so.  When we instead rush in and are quick to love, offering forgiveness and hope, there is a different reaction, I believe, one of curiosity that allows for trust to be built.
  This doesn't mean we have to shrink back from naming evil.  What it simply means is that we are called to do so with grace and humility, unafraid to put forth our own weaknesses and willing to trust that God can use broken vessels as ourselves to proclaim a message of love and hope.

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