Thursday, July 27, 2017

Acts 22:12-16

Acts 22:12-16
English Standard Version (ESV)

  One of the points where many leaders fail today is that they stop asking for help.  At a certain point, they assume independence and break away from the assistance that helped them rise to a certain point in their career.  Wise counsel no longer reaches their ears, and as a result they often make critical mistakes that might have been otherwise avoided.
  Paul is reminded that leadership isn't an independent task.  Ananias, who I don't think receives enough credit for his willingness to go and serve a man who might otherwise have threatened his life, serves Paul and enables him to receive his sight, which he had lost on the journey.  Ananias opened his eyes, but he also sends him out with a charge and a blessing -- to go and be baptized, trusting in the God who has called him and sends him out.  Ananias serves Paul and reminds him of his need for repentance in Christ Jesus.
  May we lovingly remind one another of how deeply we depend on Jesus, may we never be afraid to serve one anther, and may we also willingly accept the service of others.

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