Thursday, July 20, 2017

Acts 21:17-26

Acts 21:17-26
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Think of all the things you talk about on a given day.  Many of these may be logistical details about when and where and how.  You probably have many surface-level conversations with colleagues and acquaintances.  You may have deeper conversations with closer friends, and I hope there are people in your life with whom you can discuss your deepest fears and your most closely-held hopes.
  As the people of God, we should be ready to talk about what God is doing in our own lives and in the community.  Of course, this means that we need to pray for Holy Spirit-led hearts to see things through the lens of what God is doing, and then it means we need to talk about these things.  We need to share the news, that others may hear and glorify God, just as the church in Jerusalem does when they hear Paul's report.
  One good practice for us is to ensure we are receiving news from international and evangelistic mission bodies.  These groups are on the front line of sharing the Gospel, and their stories of transformation will encourage us and lead us to glorify God.  My personal favorite is the Outreach Foundation, but there are countless organizations that offer stories of encouragement.

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