Monday, July 24, 2017

Acts 21:37-40

Acts 21:37-40
English Standard Version (ESV) 

  So what do you say?  You're up in front of the people and you're given one chance to speak.  You don't know if/when you'll ever get a chance like this again (No pressure, right?).  What do you say?
  My gut instinct is to come up with something that will really impress people -- to capture the spirit of Paul and knock their socks off with some high-sounding oratory.  We all want to be eloquent, and it seems like if we can just say the right thing, then people will be won over.
  But I think the wisest thing we can do, when presented with an opportunity, is to be honest and tell our story -- to tell what God has done for us.  It may not feel like the most impressive story to tell, but the honest reflection of what God has done in your life comes off as honest, as believable, and it communicates the eternal truth that each and every one of us matters to God.
  Tell your own story.  Give space for other people to tell their stories.  When we are honest about the things God has done for us, we allow others to see and hear what God is doing in ordinary lives.  Sometimes, we feel like our own story isn't dramatic, but take a step back -- the eternal God of the universe, the One who carved the mountains from the sea and set the stars in the sky, cares enough about us to redeem each and every one of us by name from the powers of sin and death.  Tell that story -- tell the story about how and why that matters to you.  That's a great story, and it needs to be heard!

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