Monday, June 22, 2020

Daniel 1:12-16

Daniel 1:12-16 
  So Rachel had the kids fill out a brief survey for Fathers' Day, and there is a line on there about what they think my favorite food is.  Each of them said vegetables.  I don't think I would have expected that to be true 10 years ago!
  Daniel and his friends have been taken prisoner, and they refuse to eat food offered to false gods.  Instead, they propose a trial, where they will eat only vegetables for ten days.  The king expected them to be weaker than all the others, but instead they were stronger and better.  The lesson?  Eat more vegetables, I suppose.
  Also, never presume that we know exactly how God will work.  God is often doing the unexpected and unusual, working in sometimes strange ways to advance the Gospel.  God doesn't give up, and though resistance often surfaces, God continues forward, demonstrating the strength of God cannot be thwarted.  God is for you, so if we continue to show up, we can trust that God is at work, even in circumstances that may see unusual or unexpected.

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