Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Daniel 6:1-5

Daniel 6:1-5 
  The world needs more Daniels.  
  There have always, and will always be, plenty of high officials and satraps, people who look at the success of others with hatred and jealously in their hearts, seeking any possible way to tear them down.  Too often, our leaders give them those reasons, in some ways validating the efforts of those who seek out the destruction of others.
  What we need are more Daniels -- more people who are faithful.  I don't expect anyone to be perfect.  I'm certainly in no position to guilt trip anyone.  But faithfulness, the daily effort to seek God and live out faith in everything one does, this is the goal we should strive towards.  The life's work of setting the Kingdom of God before your eyes and heart each and every morning and pursuing everything in light of that goal.  The opportunity to express one's love for God by selflessly serving others and using one's gifts to the fullest extent.  
  May we endeavor to be a people whose enemies struggle to find grounds for complaint due to our faithfulness.

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