Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Job 39:19-25

Job 39:19-25 
English Standard Version (ESV) 

  In God's reply to Job's questions, the reader can sense the delight God takes in creation.  Creation isn't an accident, or some hastily thrown together ingredients.  This isn't an image of God as a clockmaker who sets things in motion and then steps back to see what happens. No, rather we have an image of a God who cares deeply for creation and finds joy in the creatures that have been made.  
  And if God cares this much for the horse, and we know God clothes the flowers of the field, how much more does God care for you?  Remember how deeply loved you are.  Today, as you go about your day, notice something beautiful in creation.  Watch the leaves play in the breeze, or the squirrels run about, or the flowers show beauty to the world.  Be in awe of the intent with which God has created, and then remember that God cares enough for you to send God's only Son into the world so that you might be saved.
  All that God has done, God does with great purpose, and that purpose is born out of a great love.  This side of heaven, we will never fully understand that love, but we can try and bask in moments of wonder here on earth.

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