Wednesday, September 9, 2009

God's Love Is Like...

Ever try to describe the love of God? It's impossible. How can we, with our humble words, describe something so big, so deep, so great? We can't. We can only use analogies. With that in mind, I'm going to start trying to come up with some fun analogies for God's love.

God's love
is like

an elephant

God's love is like an elephant
Elephants are the biggest animals in the room.
They go where they like, do what they like, and neither you nor I can say much of anything to make it change its mind.
God's love is like that. It's the biggest thing in the room. It's larger than anything we could draw or conjure up. It goes where it likes, loves who it wants, and there isn't a single thing in this world we can do to make God change God's mind about who receives that love. That's how amazing God's love is.

They say elephants never forget. I doubt that's true, but if it was, God's love would be like that, because God never forgets us.

Elephants are unique. There isn't anything else in this world like an elephant. They look different than a lion, different than a mouse. Is there anything else in this world like God's love? There are things that are similar, that point to God's love, but nothing is the same as God's love.

No two elephants are the same. They are each different, and there are even different breeds of elephants. God loves each one of us in a different way, even though the love for us is the same. God doesn't just love us as one big group; God loves you and I, each of us, and holds us in the palm of God's great hand. God's love also looks different in different places. How we live out God's love might look different in the streets of Chattanooga than it does in our living rooms.

Elephants love peanuts. God made peanuts. God loves what God made, so God loves peanuts.

Even the elephant can teach us something about God's love.

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