Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Holy Lord of Heaven and Earth,
Your kingdom stretches beyond what we can see, and even if we could see that far, our eyes could not grasp the beauty of your heavenly realm. We long to worship before your throne, but we can only see dimly, for our eyes are accustomed to the features of this world. We do not see the grace that pours forth from your hand. Our ears miss the song of love the angels sing. Our hands do not touch the wonders you have stitched into creation. Our senses are simply too human too grasp your majesty.

Yet our hearts yearn for your kingdom. Deep within, buried inside us, there is a longing to bow before your holy throne. Teach us to submit to your will, to follow our hearts, so that we might be moved by grace and live in a state of worship, constantly in love with you, our beloved Creator.

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