Monday, September 21, 2009

God's Love is Like...

God's Love is Like...

A Carpet Fan

Why a carpet fan? Mostly because there are two of them blowing here in the church and I can't hear myself think. (We have a bit of a flooding issue. And by 'a bit' I mean that there is a ton of water that is in the carpet and one of the saints of the church is busy vacuuming)

What do industrial fans do? They dry out the carpet after the carpet gets itself into trouble. Even if it isn't the carpet's fault, when water and storms dump all this garbage into the carpet, the fans stand guard as sentries and work tirelessly until the carpet is dried out. The carpet may be a little stained, but it is dried out and the storms have passed.

How is God's love like this?

When we get drenched, through our fault or not, we are often so helpless. We sit and we wait for help, for a deliverer, for a Savior. We are so filled with water we feel as though we might drown; our dreams and our hopes are all sopping wet, twice as heavy as they once were, and we are simply waiting for the end, for the world to swallow us up.

Fortunately, we have a Savior. God often does not prevent the water from soaking us. God does not put an umbrella over us and keep us dry from the rain. Tragedies and storms come and blow us about, and as much as we might long for God to undo everything that has happened, God doesn't work that way. But God never abandons us, even in the midst of the storms. And afterward, when we are sopping weight and the world weighs twice as much as it once did, God puts those loving arms around us and helps us dry out. We still may ask the big questions, but the pieces slowly begin to be put back together. We air out our hopes and dreams, discarding them if they no longer fit and often putting new ones in their place. God is with us all along, helping us to dry, to vision anew, to live once more. The stains are always there, and we never forget the storms, but we are able to live once again, anew, as the children of God.

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