Thursday, September 17, 2009

God's Love is Like...

God's Love is Like...

The Rain

This seems appropriate today, as rain pours down and the forecast is filled with more rain.

Rain is disruptive. It forces us to change our schedules. I may want to go play golf, and while I might be able to lower my head and plow through, usually I take the hint and do something else. If we want to insist on doing things our way, despite the rain, it is usually far more challenging and can cause all sorts of headaches. We end up driving down the road in the mud, wheels spinning, out of control sometimes simply ending up stuck.

God's love is like that. It forces us to change how we think, how we live, how we act. We can insist upon doing the things we want, but it often ends up so much harder than it should be. God longs for us to live faithfully, but so often we insist on taking the muddy road, and we end up stuck, mad at God, even though it's often our own fault for choosing that road in the first place.

Rain also soaks through everything. After running through the parking lot in a downpour, I find myself sitting the car, breathless, just as wet as I would have been had I been walking. My glasses are covered, my clothes dripping, my socks wet.

God's love does that. Soaks us to the core. It is such a wondrous free gift that it cannot be confined. We can try and hide from it in our man-made shelters, but God's love is too strong. Where can we hide from God's love? Romans 8 says nothing will separate us from the love of God. It will find us and soak us.

Our responsibility is to go forward and live, soaking wet, showering those around us with the incredible love of God.

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