Monday, September 14, 2009

God's Love is Like...

God's Love is Like...

The Weekend

I thought this was particularly appropriate for a Monday morning! How is God's love like the weekend?

Don't we all long for the weekend? Starting with Monday morning, often even Sunday night, we begin to long for the next weekend. It is a rest from our labors. It is a time to relax and get outside, to break from routines and enjoy God's good creation. The weekend places demands upon us, but often we enjoy them, working in the yard or around the house, getting out to exercise or playing with children. The weekend often isn't easy, but it's a different kind of work, one that leaves us refreshed and renewed. The weekend often makes it possible to make it through the week.

God's love makes it possible for us to make it through the day. God sustains our very being--in Isaiah we read that the Lord has inscribed us on his hands. God's love also isn't easy--it's a different kind of work, a different kind of life that God's love calls us to live. It often forces us to work, to spend time in prayer or service, but I find I enjoy that kind of work more than any other--It leaves me feeling like I'm living the life God is calling me to live. We should long for God's love with the same energy we long for the weekend; we look forward to and treasure those moments where God's love is so clear in our lives, whether it is in the intricate beauty of a spiderweb or the sweet embrace of a child. God's love is a break from all that is going on in the world--God's love never leaves us, but we often have to set time aside to realize its presence with us.

May we celebrate the love of God in the same way we celebrate the coming of the weekend!

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Rachel said...

Very appropriate for Monday morning! It's a great way to look at God's love. I really liked this one.