Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Holy God,
Rain falls, and I wonder. I wonder where it comes from, Lord, and why you make the rain water the earth. I wonder when you thought up the rainbow, and why you put birds in the air. I have so many questions, Lord.

How did you dream up the sunshine?
Did you write the song of the birds?
What were you thinking when you designed the cockroach?

All these questions, Lord, and so many more. I do not understand the reasons behind the universe, and I feel swamped by the size of it all. Teach me, Lord, to accept my place, to believe, to ask the big questions, and also to be content with resting in the palm of your hand. You are grace and peace and love and mercy, and even though I do not have the answer to ever question, I know that it all leads back to you.

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