Monday, September 14, 2009


You feed us with the bread of life. It is sweet within our mouths, and as we chew your words we wonder how life would be possible without them.
But then we go forth and forget your words, forget your will, even manage to forget your great love, despite it being written across every scene before our eyes. We try to live wrapped in our own worlds of love. We grow hungry for foods that will not satisfy, for breads other than yours.
But you continue to feed us. You send your Spirit to dwell within our hearts, to open our eyes to understand your grace, to open our hearts to continue to receive your nourishment. May we recognize your bread, the true food for our souls, and spend our days gathered around your table feasting upon your blessings, devouring your stories of mercy and covenant love, laughing with delight at your beauty, and basking in the glow of your radiant wonder.
I love you

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