Friday, April 24, 2015

A Prayer for Friday, 4/24/2015

Holy God,
  Thank you.
  Thank you for the sunrise, which marks the beginning of a new day, illumining the world around.
  Thank you for a warm & safe place to sleep, a blessing that many in this world do not have.
  Thank you for food to eat, a gift I take for granted.
  Thank you for work, both the opportunity and ability to take part in it.
  Thank you for family, for friends, for community, for a safety net that gives me the freedom to leap.

  Thank you, my God and Savior, for so many gifts that often go unnoticed, taken for granted.  You have poured life and love into me, and I pray that praise may sound from my lips and resonate in my heart.  May I be ever grateful for the good gifts you give, and may your light shine through my life that all may know the source of my joy and my hope.


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