Monday, April 20, 2015

Psalm 145:13-21

Psalm 145:13-21
English Standard Version (ESV)

  The Lord is near, and he satisfies our desires.
  We often feel like prayers go unanswered, and sometimes that is hard.  Sometimes this is a result of our desires being twisted--if I spend all my time and energy praying for a helicopter, my unanswered prayer may be more God teaching me that I don't need a helicopter, rather than God simply denying me my needs.
  But how do we reconcile those instances when we pray for desires that seem good and right and true?  When we pray for the healing of a loved one, or for the success of a child, and those things don't come about, what then?
  God has the ability to take the long view, to see that ultimate healing and peace come about in his eternal home.  God knows that true victory is the eternal and final victory over death.  Since we live on one side of the veil of death, and cannot see through to the other side, we struggle to understand exactly how God works.
  Let us endeavor to live with patience and trust in God, continuing to pray and hoping for the Spirit's illumination, so that we might better know how God is at work.

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