Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Prayer for Tuesday, 4/28/2015

  We are a broken people in a broken world.

  I don't know what to make of our common sin.  At times it seems as though we can live together in peace, even if it seems like that peace is jumbled & held together by duct tape and whatever else we can find.  At other times it seems as though we might tear ourselves apart.  Frustration and anger spills over, and a small spark catches the wind and is carried into a combustible situation, and the night seems to explode with years of pent-up aggression.  I wonder where we go from here.

  Lord, you are a God of healing & comfort.  You are also a God of justice and righteousness.  You have promised to set all things right, to defeat and destroy sin, both personal and systemic.  You can understand the whole situation of which we only see a glimpse.

  Grant us your light, Lord, that we may see as you see.  Help us to understand how you are at work in the world, in our hearts, in places like Baltimore and Libya and Syria, where the chaos seems so complete that a way forward is difficult to imagine.  Bring us together by your grace, that your mercy may be sufficient to cut through our division, that the power of your love may restore relationships and craft a charter for us to go forward as a people of peace, where all are welcome and equal, so that none may be disenfranchised, but all will be the members of one community, standing strong on pillars that you have set for us.


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