Monday, September 21, 2015

Romans 10:5-13

Romans 10:5-13
Common English Bible (CEB)

  It's easy to divide ourselves up -- we place people we like in one category, then people like us are pretty close to that, and down the ranks we go.  We do this inside the church and outside the church, classifying people and dividing them up into neat and tidy categories.
  In Christ, though, there is no distinction, no difference, no separation.  We are all equal.  We are equally doomed because of sin, and equally saved by grace through faith.  We profess our desperate need for salvation from Christ, and we are liberated from sin into one big category, the saved.  What we do on this earth cannot change the fact that we belong to this one group, those saved by the mercy of God.
  So let us not dare to look down on anyone.  We were saved by a gift from God - let us live with proper humility.

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