Monday, September 14, 2015

Romans 9:6-13

Romans 9:6-13
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Things are often different than we think they are.  Sometimes, we look at people and think they have it all together, when in fact they may be struggling on the inside.  Sometimes, people whose lives seem like they are hanging together by a thread are content, due to some inner strength that is unseen by most.
  God's Kingdom does not always work like we assume it must.  My favorite musical piece is called O Magnum Mysterium, The Great Mystery.  God works in wonderful ways, beyond human comprehension.  His grace is greater than we can imagine, and his mercy astounds.
  But let us not presume to be certain about who is to be saved and who is not.  Just because someone once darkened the door of a church or was included in a community doesn't necessarily mean they are in the Kingdom, and those who we think are far from it may, for all we know, be within.
  Let us live with great humility, grateful for the grace of God and inviting all to draw nearer to God, that we may discover and live within the covenant of grace.

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