Friday, September 25, 2015

Romans 11:11-16

Romans 11:11-16
English Standard Version (ESV)

  In our ordinary thinking, we get accustomed to the idea that only one can succeed.  For someone to win a race, someone else has to lose.  For me to be successful, there is another that must fail.  There is room for only one at the top, right?
  Here, Paul is telling us that Israel stumbled so that the Gentiles can be welcomed into the riches of God.  Their failure to grasp the full riches and wonder of God opened a door so that others could be welcomed into the Kingdom.
  But Paul twists things a bit...  Paul tells us while it is good that the Gentiles have been welcomed in, but it will be even better if the Jews are welcomed into the Kingdom as well.  There is plenty of room for all!  All are welcome into the Kingdom, and it will be even more joyful if all receive the grace of God!
  Let us not shrink our minds and think that the Kingdom and grace are small things for a few --- may we rather rejoice in the abundance of God and give thanks that all are welcome at the banquet table of God!

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