Monday, September 28, 2015

Romans 11:17-24

Romans 11:17-24
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  In the beginning, we're often grateful for something we receive, but after a while we start to view it as an entitlement, as though we did something to deserve it, because we've forgotten that it was a free gift.  We simply get used to the way things are and forget the way they were.
  Let us remember, then, with humility, that grace is a gift, given freely by God.  We did not earn it, and we are no better than others.  We have received the gift, but our job is not to reward ourselves for the way we have been given it -- rather, we are charged to go and tell the good news about how God saves, about how God gives grace regardless of merit, about how God has reached out, reached down to us.  God loves freely and unconditionally, and we were not worthy, but have been saved by the love and mercy of God.

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