Thursday, September 1, 2016

John 11:28-37

John 11:28-37
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 Jesus was fully human and fully divine.  This means that Jesus completely understands what it means to walk in your shoes -- from your daily frustration with difficulties at work and in your relationships to the overwhelming grief of the death of a loved one.  Your emotions are not foreign to God -- you don't have to approach God with the need to explain things.  That feeling when you just want someone to see your perspective to understand why you did what you did -- you don't have that with God.  God knows.  He knows the ups and downs of human life, the joys of friendship and the pain of loss.  God knows.
  God knows, and this makes his love all the more amazing.  He knows our temptations and our pain, and he is able to love us uniquely, wonderfully, completely.  God knows you and loves you and understands you, and he will redeem you through death into life.

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